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Weihai XURI Filter co.,ltd


Weihai XURI filter co.,ltd  which is only Melt filtration equipment manufacturing enterprises Registered certification by Industrial and Commercial Bureau and Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision in WeiHai City.Up to now we already have 11 years experience of research & development and production of melt filtration equipment in the film industry .we have reformed the melt fitter, melt pipe,divider,static mixer and various equipment accessories of domestic and aboard production line in plenty of company such as JSW.DMT, BMS and Dordier.

Our production use in excess of one hundred in double and casting production line distributed around the world , which contain BOPP.BOPET,BOPA,BOPS,CPP,CPE,EVA,PVF,PVDF,ETFE,PVB,PVA etc in different material and craftwork packaging films,moisture barrier films,explosion-proof glass laminated films.enclosure films for solar panel.solar battery ...

XURI Filter Hot Products:
melt filterMelt Lineprotective filmstatic mixer
xr-filtech Technical advantages


Advanced qualification technology

The melt filtration equipment manufacturer registered and certified by the Trade and Industry Bureau and the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau has a complete set of equipment systems with filtration function and integrated functions such as supercharging and steady flow.


R&D experience

22 years of experience in the development and production of melt filtration equipment in the film industry, with more than 100 double-drawing and casting lines in the world.


Film melt filter

The melt pipe can be processed into various angles and specifications according to the requirements of the production site to meet the reasonable layout of the production line, and the internal surface finish reaches Ra0.02, which is at the domestic advanced level.

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